Bench Creek Ranch/Gascon Cattle

  • Paul Plouviez - Owner
  • Sarah Porter - Ranch Manager
  • 12451 Fitz Lane
    Fallon, NV 89406
  • (775) 217-5425
Company Spotlight
Bench Creek Ranch is a  local ranch in Fallon NV that is the producer of Promega Meats, provides meat rich in omega 3 fatty acids.We also specializes in unique breeds such as Gascon cattle ( The Beef Up Breed )from the mountains of pyrenes of France with their  incredible features they provide a substantial carcass for beef production  purposes, while also providing a great asset  to improving your heard with its great capabilities of easy calving traveling high up into the mountains to utilize feed due to their large brisket and hard dark hooves  and being able to adapt to extreme weather changes due to their ability to regulate there body temperatures. Semen is available for purchase from our select bulls. Bench Creek Ranch is also the producer of Promega Flax equine feed supplement source of omega -3 fatty acids with Extruded Flax and rice bran, Flax Extra supplement for healthy live stock ,poultry and fish source of omega -3 fatty acids from Extruded flax and Yellow Peas  and Flax Poultry for eggs and poultry rich in omega 3s increases health and productivity.